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Edwards Cohen has served as counsel for governmental entities in North Florida in a variety of roles. Representation of government clients is challenging and rewarding, as projects are often high-profile, politically charged, and unique. In addition to project-specific representation, we serve as general counsel to Northeast Florida’s only transportation agency and as finance counsel to a rapidly growing Northeast Florida county.

Associated Practice Subareas

Administrative Law

We advise our government clients on a variety of administrative law matters, including Florida’s open government laws, rulemaking, purchasing and intergovernmental relations.

Government Finance

Our government finance practice spans many types of clients and transactions.  Please see our Public Finance Services page for a complete description.

Construction Law

We assist our government clients in the development and negotiation of complex documentation for heavy civil construction. In addition, we are called upon to manage and serve as co-counsel with construction litigation firms in cases of construction disputes, including alternative dispute resolution.

Constitutional Law

Matters involving the rights of citizens vis-à-vis local government entities often arise for our clients. In these situations, we are called upon to advise our clients concerning constitutional law, as well as disputes governed by agency rules and regulations. We also assist our clients by developing rules and regulations to guide their interactions with constituents.

Real Estate Law

As general real estate counsel to a government owned utility provider, we assist in numerous utility projects and enterprises, including drafting and negotiation of easements, licenses, and other agreements, facility acquisition and sales, and other real estate related matters.

Government Contracting

A wide variety of issues impact the contractual relationships of governments, ranging from constitutional matters, to minority business considerations, to federal-aid requirements. Our firm advises government clients in these areas, as well as in traditional matters of contract negotiation applicable to the types of goods and services required by our clients.

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